Body shaping

The body stores fat in different ways according to each person's individual characteristics; gender is one of the most important factors. In women, the accumulation of fat is usually located in the abdomen, hips and thigh area, while in men it focuses in the abdomen area, becoming more evident with age, sedentarism and weight gain. These localized fat deposits are difficult to remove with diets and exercise; as a result, both men and women are seeking more effective alternatives such as LipoMax RF, the leading non-invasive technology in body shaping treatments.

Thanks to its revolutionary technologies, LipoMax RF can effectively treat localized fat in a natural way without the complications of surgery, nor pain or patient downtime. Controlled ultrasonic cavitation selectively reduces adipose cells, emulsifying their fat content and mobilizing it in order to be eliminated by the body through the lymphatic system. On the other hand, the vacuum subdermal massage helps to mobilize and stimulate fat release, focusing as well on the causes of cellulite for a comprehensive body treatment.

By targeting problem areas where fat accumulation occurs, the ultrasonic cavitation technique considerably reduces volume, remodeling the body contour to obtain the ideal figure. Moreover, the appearance of cellulite is reduced, and elasticity and skin tone are restored thanks to the powerful combination of the LipoMax RF. technologies. The results are long-lasting especially if the patient follows a healthy diet and a proper exercise routine.



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