What is LipoMax RF?


LipoMax RF is a unique system for non-invasive body treatments. Its powerful combination of technologies offers immediate and long-lasting solutions for effective cellulite reduction, tightening and toning, circumferential reduction, body shaping as well as pre and post liposuction treatments. LipoMax RF is safer and more efficient thanks to its exclusive electric field bipolar radiofrequency technology, which works in synergy with photopneumatic massage, infrared light, controlled ultrasonic cavitation and the innovative needle-free mesotherapy, achieving a total body transformation.

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What is LumiMax PL?


LumiMax PL is a multi-treatment intense pulsed light device, whose new FPL (Fractional Pulsed Light) technology makes it the most effective and safest option on the market. This modern system for photorejuvenation, permanent hair removal, acne and vascular lesion treatments is unique in its category, since it is designed to micro-manage the sequence of each light shot and add rest periods to completely eliminate the risk of burns as well as patient discomfort. Effective on every type and color of hair and skin, LumiMax PL is the best available option in intense pulsed light systems today.

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What is RejuveMax?


RejuveMax is a new approach in collagen regeneration therapies, whose cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the professional aesthetic market. This unique collagen capsule notably rejuvenates the skin in a progressive and long-lasting way, thanks to the proven properties of red light at 620 nm. By multiplying collagen and elastin production up to five times, RejuveMax achieves an incredible improvement in the appearance, texture and elasticity of the skin, of both face and body, in only 12 minutes per session. Additionally, its modern lines, luxurious design, built-in sound system and aromatherapy option, among other features, make it the perfect alternative for high-end relaxation spas.

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