Hyperpigmentation refers to spots or dark patches caused by the excess production of melanin, the main skin pigment. Its most common causes are aging and sun damage (solar or senile lentigo), hormonal changes (melasma or "mask of pregnancy") and inflammatory processes (spots and residual acne scars). Hyperpigmentation normally happens around the age of 40 and becomes visible on the areas that are more exposed to the sun, such as face, neckline, hands and forearms.

Our modern rejuvenation systems successfully reduce pigmented lesions, considerably improving skin tone and giving the face a younger and fresher appearance in few sessions. By combining microdermabrasion with the properties of visible light, DermaMax exfoliates the superficial layers of the skin and penetrates the tissues to treat spots and visibly reduce acne scars. Furthermore, LumiMax is a highly effective solution when treating pigmentation problems and photoaging thanks to its innovative technology of photo-biostimulation with LED light, which acts at a cellular level to promote skin repair and regeneration.

One of the most revolutionary devices for this type of treatments is LumiMax PL, whose exclusive micro-pulse technology offers amazing results in a completely safe way and without side effects. LumiMax PL is an excellent option to reverse sun damage, improve skin tone and effectively treat melasma by selectively destroying lesions without damaging the surrounding tissues.

If you are searching for a compact, practical and highly effective hyperpigmentation treatment, you also have the new LumiMax PL Tabletop at your disposal. This advanced intense pulsed light system is an efficient, painless and proven alternative that reduces the appearance of spots caused by aging and sun damage, achieving a younger and more beautiful skin in few sessions.



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