The effects of time produce progressive changes in the skin structure and appearance. Sun exposure, stress and lifestyle accelerate these changes, causing early aging by deteriorating collagen and elastin fibers. Photorejuvenation consists in using light at specific nanometers and energy densities in order to stimulate the natural production of these two proteins, improving the skin's quality, texture and appearance in a non-invasive way.

LumiMax PL, with its advanced patented FPL technology, offers more efficient and safer photorejuvenation treatments by allowing the addition of rest micro-periods during each light pulse to prevent the tissues from overheating. Yellow light is applied to penetrate the dermis and stimulate the fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin; it increases blood circulation in the area and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as age spots, pigmentation changes, redness, spider veins and dryness.

The new LumiMax PL Tabletop is a practical and efficient alternative for rejuvenation treatments with intense pulsed light. By applying pulses of light at wavelengths of 570 — 1200 nm, its specialized programs offer highly effective solutions to a variety of common skin conditions. From the first session, the LumiMax PL Tabletop significantly reduces the signs of aging and sun damage, achieving a new youthful skin.

The photorejuvenation treatment is safe on any skin type, it does not damage the tissues and it allows the patients to immediately resume their daily activities. The results are visible from the first session and improve with each additional session, restoring the smoothness, glow and elasticity of face, neck, neckline and hands.



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