Dr. Richard Silva – General practitioner

When I learned about Estetique I was very impressed and I realized that the technology I had was completely obsolete. What I like most about the Estetique products is that they provide treatments without pain, without surgeries and without recovery time, and that patients can immediately return to their regular life. My patients are very satisfied with the results they have achieved and in such a short period of time. I think it's amazing how willing they are to invest on aesthetic treatments, they will gladly pay up to five thousand dollars for a treatment package. The demand is so high that I had to reduce my medical practice in order to expand to aesthetics, we're even extending the office and purchasing more equipment. The good thing about the LipoMax RF is that it I don't need to spend a long time trying to sell the treatment to patients, just looking at the before and after pictures and seeing the results is enough for them to buy the package. Another great advantage is that the devices complement each other. Someone who gets a treatment with the LumiMax will want to combine it with a microdermabrasion using the DermaMax or with a DermaMax RF treatment. My income has significantly increased since I incorporated the Estetique products into my center, and equally important, my patients are extremely satisfied and happy with the results.



Dr. Adolfo Gómez - Dermatologist

Estetique gives me peace of mind because the machines are harmless and they ensure the patients' maximum safety and satisfaction. Additionally, their versatility and easy operation are a great advantage because they allow me to conveniently adjust the protocols to obtain optimum results without causing damages or side effects. My patients are very satisfied with DermaMax and LumiMax. I can confidently say that these two devices provide the best results when treating spots, acne, enlarged pores, redness, wrinkles and expression lines. At the end of the treatment, the skin is transformed. Today I have my own clinic and it all started 10 years ago when I bought the microdermabrasion equipment. Estetique is not only the leading provider of state-of-the art technologies, but it is also a business partner. They supported me from day one and they helped me obtain the financial stability I have always wanted.



Silvana Morr– Dermatologist

I strongly believe that no patient should ever have to put her health or life at risk in order to look younger or have a nice figure. In my search for techniques that can complement health and beauty in a safe and effective manner, I discovered Estetique and found the perfect complement for my center: the RejuveMax and the LipoMax RF. These modern devices confirm my theory that beauty comes from the inside out. The RejuveMax not only offers spectacular results in facial and body rejuvenation, but also helps persons with multiple inflammatory illnesses, arthritis and tendinitis, among them, by alleviating the pain and reducing the associated inflammation thanks to the properties of red light. The LipoMax RF is excellent for slimming, body shaping and cellulite treatments, and offers fast, remarkable results without pain, surgeries or recovery time. In few sessions, the body looks thinner, fat accumulation is reduced even in the most difficult body areas, the skin feels firmer and more elastic, and there is a clear reduction in the appearance of cellulite, even in the most severe cases. At the end of the treatment series, the results are astounding and my patients are amazed with their new body.



Dr. Rosario Yarzagaray – Dermatologist

Thanks in large part to the Estetique products, I've earned the loyalty of my patients and have experienced an extraordinary growth due to word of mouth recommendation, going from a small office to a state-of-the-art dermatology clinic. These systems do what they promise, that is why I currently have four and I have plans to buy the RejuveMax for facial and body rejuvenation treatments. Additionally, I can recover the investment very quickly and that gives me peace of mind. The results are excellent and the advantage is that clients can immediately return to their regular activities. These results are even better when I combine, for instance, microdermabrasion with the DermaMax and LED phototherapy with the LumiMax to treat spots, close open pores, increase skin luminosity and reduce scars. One of the most impactful cases that prove the effectiveness of this treatment combination is that of a patient with cancer on her face. After the surgery she had a significant scar and in just 3 months it was reduced by 70 to 80 percent with only 2 to 3 sessions a week.



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