Tightening and toning

Flaccidity is the lack of skin firmness. It can affect people of different weights and ages, giving the figure a soft and irregular consistency. This is due to the loss of muscle tone caused by lack of exercise, poor diet, excessive exposure to sun's rays, age, and hormonal imbalances, among other factors. However, the most important cause of flaccidity is the loss of collagen and elastin which are, proteins responsible for providing the skin with support, elasticity and firmness.

For this reason, we have designed the most advanced bipolar radiofrequency system, which offers a complete and effective treatment that shapes and tightens the whole body in an extraordinary way: LipoMax RF. With its innovative and exclusive RF technology with polarized electric field, LipoMax RF increases collagen production in a safe and natural way, toning up and smoothing the skin in the body areas that need it the most, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms.

The results can be seen from the first treatment and they improve with each additional session, giving your clients a more contoured and slender figure in an easy, comfortable and fast way.



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