Vascular lesions

Aging, excessive sun exposure and other factors can cause the appearance of broken capillaries, due to a low resistance of the capillary wall, as well as spider veins or telangiectasias. Telangiectasias are small dilated capillaries and superficial vessels, bright-red or purple, that measure from 1 mm to 4 mm and are shaped like branches, spider webs or thin and short jagged lines. They normally appear on the face and legs, and are easily noticeable because they are located immediately under the epidermis.

Thousands of men and women of all races and ages suffer from this anti-aesthetic condition whose most common causes are: sun damage, hormonal changes (menopause, pregnancy and contraceptive treatments), certain medications, as well remaining seated or standing for long periods of time. These causes produce an increase in blood pressure within the veins in the legs.

The exclusive LumiMax PL treatment with fractional pulsed light successfully treats vascular lesions through an extremely simple and painless procedure. Visible light at 530 nm - 570 nm is applied to the skin in a precise and controlled manner, using a specialized handpiece with the ideal micro-pulse settings according to the patient's needs. The hemoglobin in the blood absorbs this light which is then converted into heat. As a consequence, the walls of the damaged veins are destroyed without harming the surrounding tissues, and are then naturally eliminated by the body after being recognized as waste. In just 3 or 4 sessions, LumiMax PL reduces and, in some cases eliminates spider veins and broken capillaries, improving skin tone and giving it a much healthier appearance.



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