Estetique is the leading company in the development and sales of professional medical aesthetic equipment, becoming the first choice of spas, medical spas and professional aesthetic centers, mainly in the Caribbean, Central and South America. These devices are manufactured in the United States and Europe, and they comply with the highest quality standards. Specialized in non-surgical, non-chemical and non-invasive techniques, Estetique has revolutionized the market with unique systems that provide more effective and faster facial and body treatments of all kinds: cellulite, body shaping, circumferential reduction, rejuvenation, acne, permanent hair removal and many more. In our efforts to offer our clients more efficient solutions without side effects or recovery time, Estetique is constantly innovating with exclusive technologies that far exceed conventional techniques, such as electric field bipolar radiofrequency, controlled ultrasound, fractional intense pulsed light, photo-microdermabrasion, pulsed microcurrents and more. More than 3 million successful treatments performed every year around the world have proven time and again the effectiveness of these revolutionary technologies. Apart from being more versatile, quicker and easier to operate, our machines are significantly more profitable and they allow a return on the initial investment in just months.

These multi-platform devices combine advanced technologies which work in synergy to achieve great results in fewer sessions. With preprogrammed protocols or manual mode for more customized treatments, the specialist has a wide variety of possibilities to adjust to each patient's individual needs. Additionally, Estetique offers the best financing plans in the industry, shipping services to Mexico, all countries in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean at very affordable rates, and first-class post-sales and technical support services. Our clients also have excellent advertising and marketing support to help them boost their sales, a complete personalized and continuous training program with an Internet TV channel for online sessions, and the best consulting service to guide them in making the most important decisions for their center. Estetique's headquarters located in Miami, America's aesthetic capital features more than 4,500 square meters, including a training room for over 100 people, modern offices and Italian-designed furniture with Bose background music and a large warehouse with permanent inventory ready to be sent to our clients. These and many other factors have allowed us to have, for more than 10 years, an increasing number of loyal clients who, with their skills and our equipment, have developed successful and highly-profitable businesses by combining service quality, cutting-edge technology and better results.


About the President

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Moshe Segebre is the successful owner and operator of the privately owned multimillion dollar corporation Estetique Inc, USA,, which he founded along with his wife, Tracy Harder Segebre, in 1999. With his concept “Spa-Med Solutions,” which is part of the registered trademark Estetique, Moshe has pioneered the Latin American aesthetic market, making Estetique a highly renowned and respected brand in the industry. Moshe’s goal is to “Reinvent Aesthetics,” which he has definitely accomplished by placing his products in over a thousand centers in more than twenty-five countries. In the next few years, Moshe and his wife plan to not only increase its presence in both the North and South American markets, but to expand to Asia and Africa as well.

Entrepreneurial minded, creative, and always at the forefront with new ideas, Moshe has motivated everyone around him to dream big, inspiring them to use their skills and talents to achieve and exceed their personal goals. In fact, his innate leadership has led him to become the first Colombian to run for the U.S. Congress. His passion not only helped him turn Estetique into a company known for its innovation and extraordinary ability to reinvent itself, but he has also been the driving force behind the growth of not only the firm, but the clients who have joined his vision. On the other hand, his altruistic personality has inspired him to support humanitarian projects such as the “Sudan Project” and the “Haiti Initiative,” using his own funds to help finance the reconstruction of churches, villages, and orphanages.

As a result, he has been invited to prestigious ceremonies such as the Billy Graham Library Dedication, where prominent political and religious leaders have also participated. Moreover, Moshe has personally met with Former Majority Leader U.S. Senator Bill First, as well as former President Bill Clinton. In addition, he recently met with worldwide renowned Dr. Billy Graham, who welcomed him in his home, where President Obama himself has also visited.


About the CEO

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the daughter of American missionaries stationed in that country, Tracy (Harder) Segebre is the person in charge of Estetique’s strategic growth, acting as head of the company’s marketing and product development team. Her perfectionism complements Moshe very well, making them a perfect team, where he provides the vision and inspiration, while Tracy provides the attention to details and the drive to make their vision a profitable reality. Tracy has been responsible for positioning Estetique as the leader in the non-invasive aesthetic market. An avid user herself, Tracy has redefined the way aesthetic equipment are sold and used throughout Latin America.

Through the creation of brilliant Internet strategies and highly successful marketing social media campaigns, Tracy has set new standards and generated sales of hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a result, Estetique’s growth has soared in the last decade, positioning them even closer to attaining their goal of dominating the Latin America professional aesthetic market. Together with Moshe, Tracy has achieved an extraordinary brand positioning, progressively increasing Estetique’s international presence and gaining growing visibility and recognition. As has Moshe, Tracy has used her own funds to support important humanitarian causes such as the “Sudan Project” and the “Haiti Initiative.”


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